Instrument and Music Instruction

Instrument and Music Instruction

Playing piano


A keyboard stringed instrument whose tones are produced by hammers striking the strings. It is for this reason that it is considered a percussion instrument rather than a string instrument. The principal parts are the frame, the soundboard, the strings, the action, and the pedals. It is the most the most popular musical instrument for domestic and concertizing use.

Interesting History of piano:

The origin of the piano invention was Italy, Padua; by the great maker Bartolomeo di Francesco Cristofori in 1709. In the ancient time, the piano was relatively different from the one we can see and use. At that era, the strings of the piano were stretched and bonded to the portion of piano known as the bow. Boxes and gourds were also attached to the bow to amplify musical sound. These all were secure and completely safe from pins, pegs, and ties; the sound was produced with bowing and plucking them equally.

In the 14th century in Europe the instruments with stringed were invented; a shallow box was stretched with the wires and these were stuck among two hammers looking wooden. But the recent piano was partial to only unwavering volume. This was accurate because it did not vary with the loudness and softness of music while playing the piano.

Modern technology used in piano:

Modern age demands high technology used in piano, therefore, today we are blessed with digital instrument/piano, software, latest design player piano, and the eternal and traditional/classical piano is the assets we have.

Player piano:

Player piano is an instrument also known as reproducing piano; this latest technology master piano is no wonder the achievement of expertise, within few decades this musical instrument has gained top-notch popularity worldwide due to its efficient and top class sound production. These player pianos are totally different from digital one, these are acoustic and real pianos with strings and hammers to play on the keyboard.

Digital piano:

This modern technology is holding the not costly keyboard; these are available easily in the electronics market. Such pianos are manufactured by numerous top piano companies and these are best to product nice and melodious sound. Due to the fact, these digital pianos are software-based pianos, these are the new hope and way out for beginners to compose and learn music.

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